Team building events provide you and your colleagues with the perfect opportunity to collaborate, bond, and most importantly, build a relationship. As a generation, we have recently experienced many changes at work due to COVID-19. Today many teams work remotely and that is why it is very important to keep team spirit alive and build staff morale through team building activities. Barcelona is an active and vibrant city and of course, there are thousands of activities to choose from, but we are here to specifically explain why these are the best team building activities in Barcelona.

Boat Hiring

The sea fascinates us, it inspires a sense of wonder through its grandeur, its strength, its hypnotic power. We are caught in its web just by looking at it. Maybe its magnetism is also because of the secrets it hides, its changing nature, its unpredictability, the lack of control we have over it.

Casting off and entering its domains makes us feel small and great at the same time.

As soon as we cast off our moorings, we realised something very important: for our boat to sail, we must be united, synchronized, communicate, plan, have shared objectives, share out tasks, take responsibility for carrying them out, and lead. In essence, working in a team.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have trust, empathy and responsibility, know how to manage expectations and emotions, maintain full attention, confront challenges and be motivated.

Hiring a boat is a powerful metaphor for leadership and teamwork, where we set ourselves shared objectives and targets in the framework of a shared vision, designing action plans and carrying out agreed actions so we can achieve them.

Axe Throwing

If you’ve ever wanted to get to someone better, just put an axe in their hands and tell them to throw it. True personalities shine through exteriors once people can let go and have some fun. Team building doesn’t have to be a drag—it can be a fun-filled time where coworkers can bond free of the pressures of the workplace!

When you take your company or employees axe throwing for your corporate event they make sure you’re not just chucking axes at targets for no reason. They’d prepare and lead teams in different games. This means your employees are building a team mentality and working together—they’re team-building. For extra fun, try splitting up into teams of employees vs. bosses. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as working together with your coworkers to take down management in a friendly yet competitive game of axe throwing.

There is truly no better way to let go of stress than flinging an axe, as hard as you can, at a wooden board accompanied by the roaring cheers of your coworkers as it lands on the target.


Once you and your team arrive at our Art&Wine session, we will give you and your team some time to choose your desired painting. This can be a great team-building technique as you start the activity by coming to a mutual agreement between all members of your team. 

On the surface, a painting session might not seem like the most sociable activity – but believe us, you’ll be surprised. Once the paint brushes are handed out and we get the class going and the wine flowing, you’ll be surprised by how many secret creatives you have in your team. 

Although some of your team may be budding artists or secret painters, there are probably a few of them who haven’t painted much in their life. Our artists are extremely helpful and provide some easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that every single member of your team produces a beautiful painting. 

Times are changing and so are your colleagues, so to keep them engaged and excited it’s best to invite them to a modern and unique team building activity in Barcelona. Our Art&wine sessions provide your team with the perfect combination of quality time, delicious wine & skills training.


One of the most daunting parts of a teambuilding event is the organization, but don’t worry – we’re here to do just that! The Art&Wine BCN team will provide you with the materials, the venue, and the wine, all you need to do is turn up and choose your painting!


A Paintball session can help develop strong leadership skills. Some will lead their team and others will follow. Stress is an incredibly negative force in the workplace, we all get stressed due to the excessive pressures and demands, and with so much work to get done it can be hard to find downtime.

You need to have a clear strategy and always think two moves ahead of your opposition to determine the best thing your team can do to win, this will improve problem-solving skills in the office, as you need to constantly resolve issues. 

Paintball encourages allies to work together to win the game, the team who wins is the team that best utilizes teamwork to achieve their aims. It will help to build better relationships and lift team spirit. It’s a chance to have fun, get to know each other, and improve relationships.

Laughter Therapy

Know the power of laughter, which is not valued enough in our society. We spend money on infusions and drugs when, many times, we could feel better if we simply spent a little time a day laughing. But to laugh well, not just an absurd grin on the face.

Laughter therapy is based precisely on that: on the healing power that laughter has, a tool that we have innately and of which we are unaware of its great capacity. Laughter can help us relieve stress, improve our optimism, ease tensions, and make us feel happier and calmer.

For this reason, opting for laughter therapy workshops for companies in Barcelona is a great option since it will improve labour relations, dispel bad energy or misunderstandings that may have arisen during working hours and ensure that the work environment is much more positive and therefore productive.


Kayaking is an incredible personal activity. It relaxes your mind, tones your muscles, reconnects you to Mother Nature and most importantly, it can be a great way to get your employees, colleagues, or team members, out together for an awesome non-work-related thrill. It offers the perfect blend of team-building, exercise, and the unforgettable experience of the great outdoors.

Kayaking in Barcelona is great for both skilled and unskilled kayakers, so every member of the team will be comfortable in it regardless of their paddling experience. It can also be a fairly inexpensive option.

Through the challenges and skill learning, there’s no doubt that new friendships will be formed too, which will promote teamwork back in the workplace! Every person will get to experience a little bit of adventure. 

As you can see these are the top team-building activities in Barcelona.  Depending on what your team is looking for, we have provided you with a variety of exciting activities that will help you and your team to learn new and interesting skills, but also bond with one another. Make sure you check out our reservations calendar to see when you and your team can book a teambuilding session at Art&Wine!

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