Would you like to start a new artistic journey, without having to move from home, to let your imagination fly with your family or friends? Would you like to have a fun night? Would you like to live a different experience? Art@home comes to your home to make you become a great painter!

Keep reading to become the painter of your house!

1. ¿What is Art@home?

Art at home offers you the possibility to develop your imagination by painting a work of art, from your own living room. You don’t have to worry about anything, Art at home will provide you with all the necessary materials, together with a video tutorial, which will teach you step by step how to paint the picture. Whatever your level, you can enjoy the experience of letting yourself go, disconnecting and having a good time with your family, friends or yourself.


2. Art@home painting box

Art@home provides you with everything you need to start your great journey through the world of art. 


The Art@home painting box includes:



The Art@Home painting box includes a fabulous wooden table easel  an artist should always have his easel by his side! Once you have finished painting, you can fold it up and save it for your next work of art. Its height is 27x50cm


You will receive a canvas of a size of 46×38 cm so that once your work is finished, you can decorate your favourite corners of your home.


Our BOX contains five acrylic tubes with the three basic colours (yellow, cyan and red) plus black and white. Thanks to the combination of these five colours you will be able to obtain the whole range of shades you need to paint your works.


A palette to make all the mixtures you need to get the colours for your work. It is made of plastic, so it is easy to wash and you can reuse it. It has several compartments so that the colours are not mixed.


The Art@Home painting kit includes a set of three brushes, in different sizes.



With the purchase of the Art@Home Box we will include a free video tutorial that will explain step by step how to make your painting to become a great Picasso.

Would you like to try a new experience with your friends or family? Book our Art@home painting Box and in a maximum of 48 hours you can become the painter of your own home!

3. Did you know that painting brings great benefits to our health?

Many people are unaware of the benefits of painting and letting themselves be carried away by art. It provides great improvements in the mental and physical health of all those who practice art as a form of disconnection.

1: Improve your creative capacity.

2: It helps to improve the way you communicate.

3: Reduces stress.

4: Self-knowledge.

5: Improves concentration and brain activity.

6: Develops emotional and spiritual intelligence


We leave you with a post by Art Blanco, written by Jeannina Blanco, which explains in detail the benefits of painting, so that you can have more information on the subject.

4. What is an Art@Home Box?

An Art@Home Box includes everything you need to become the painter of your house and enjoy a different and fun night. Inside the box you will find a canvas, an easel, three brushes, paints and a palette, along with a video tutorial that will explain step by step how to paint your work so that you can develop your creativity and create a wonderful painting to decorate your favourite places in your home.

5. What will I need to be able to paint from home?

Apart from all the material we provide you with, you will need napkins, a cup of water, clothes to avoid worrying about stains and a plate to be able to make the colour mixes and get the tones and colours you need for your artwork. We leave you with a video tutorial from a teacher with a degree in Fine Arts, Alicia Gómez, where she explains the theory of colour very clearly. You can find more information on the website of her Academy of Fine Arts.

6. I am not an painter! I have never painted a picture… Will I be able to paint the picture on my own?

Of course you can! You don’t need to have experience to create your artwork at home. We provide you with everything you need to work successfully. All you need is the desire to enjoy yourself, to become an artist and to let your imagination run wild! Besides, don’t forget that you will have a video tutorial with a step-by-step explanation, made by our PainterJean.

7. How to book our Art@Home Box?

Are you ready to become the great painter in your home? Book your Art@Home Box and in a maximum of 48 hours you will receive all the essential material to create your great work of art.

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