Pablo Picasso is one of Barcelona’s most celebrated artists.  One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, although he lived in several European cities during his life and career, the Catalan capital is the city that left its mark on him, both personally and as an artist.

Picasso Artista Cubismo Barcelona

This extraordinary artist, who founded the Cubism movement, held his first exhibition in the legendary Els Quatres Gats bar in 1900 and it was here that he began his journey away from realist painting and into a more abstract style that would go on to earn him recognition and fame across the world.

He moved to Paris in 1905 and although he never returned permanently to the city, the magic and beauty of Barcelona still influenced his works and he would often come to visit the city and the surrounding coastal resorts on holiday.

The Picasso Museum hosts a large collection of Picasso’s works, particulary from his early years painting in Barcelona and offers a fascinating insight into the artist and his formative years.


Picasso Arte y Vino Barcelona

At Art&Wine we have decided to pay homage to the brilliance of this incredible artist whom is so closely intertwined with the story of Barcelona.

Our new painting, “Show Your Best Side” is now available to book on our online calendar. You can book your place here.

So, after exploring the world of Picasso at the dedicated museum or one of the many wonderful tours available in the city, why not step into his shoes and come and paint your own abstract masterpiece with us?



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