As we know, this year has been different for all of us. It has allowed us to value our partners even more and we have learned to make the most of every possible time with them by sharing unforgettable moments. That’s why, now more than ever, couples date nights experiences are the best way to create memories together. If you are in Barcelona, you and your partner can’t miss this amazing and romantic experiences.

Keep reading to find the Top 4 Couples date nights in Barcelona.

1. Artistic experience at Art&Wine


Art&Wine, 64

Enjoy an experience full of art, wine and fun. Art&Wine has painting and wine workshops where you can enjoy a romantic afternoon with your partner while you show off your artistic skills. No previous experience is necessary and they provide you with all the necessary materials, water and UNLIMITED WINE! You will create a unique and different souvenir that you will remember every time you look at your painting hanging on the wall of your house.

2. Relax in AIRE Ancient Baths


AIRE Ancient Baths, 138

If you are looking for romantic and relaxing plans, this spa has everything for a couples date. You will enjoy, as a couple, a 90-minute experience full of sensations in a historic building in Barcelona that will take you to relax while you go through different water rooms. It also includes a 15-minute relaxing massage and two fruit juices. As a result, you will leave as if you were on cloud nine.

3. Adventurous couples date in Cabanes Dosrius

Cabanes Dosrius, 135€

If you are an adventurous couple, with this experience you will live a magical night in the middle of nature. Enjoy a romantic night in the cabins located in the trees at 5-9 meters high will make you disconnect from the city and be seduced by the environment of the Natural Park of Montnegre-Corredor. If you want to be even more romantic, you can enjoy a dinner under the stars and wake up to the sound of birdsong.

4. Japanese gastronomic experience

Japanese cooking and sushi workshop at MTPlus, 44,90€

As we know, one of the most typical plans for a romantic evening is to go for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, but what if you go one step further and cook it yourselves? With this Japanese Cooking and Sushi activity in Barcelona you will become authentic Japanese chefs! A delicious experience where you’ll have fun learning and tasting your own creations.

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