Team building events provide you and your colleagues with the perfect opportunity to collaborate unite, and most importantly, to build a relationship. As a generation, we have recently experienced a lot of changes to the workforce due to COVID-19. Nowadays a lot of teams are working remotely and this is why it’s extremely important to keep your team spirit alive and build staff morale through team building activities. Barcelona is a busy, vibrant city and of course, there are thousands of activities to choose from but we are here to explain specifically, why Art&Wine is the best team-building activity in Barcelona.  

Keep reading to find out the 5 reasons why you should choose Art&Wine as your team-building activity in Barcelona.

We can tailor your party to your team

Once you and your team arrive at our Art&Wine session, we will give you and your team some time to choose your desired painting. This can be a great team-building technique as you start the activity by coming to a mutual agreement between all members of your team. 

As a team, we are always open to new ideas and we enjoy providing a high level of customer service for every single person that walks into our studio. If you and your team have any suggestions or requirements, then we’re here to meet them. 

They are incredibly social 


On the surface, a painting session might not seem like the most sociable activity – but believe us, you’ll be surprised. Once the paintbrushes are handed out and we get the class going and the wine flowing, you’ll be surprised by how many secret creatives you have in your team. 


Just like any team building activity, things can get competitive. But due to the relaxing nature of painting, it’s a great way to watch your colleagues unwind and get to know each other through Art. The classes take place over 2.5 hours, so during this time, there is a lot of chance to toast with your colleagues and to get to know them better in a relaxed, yet social environment. 



Your team can learn together


Although some of your team may be budding artists or secret painters, there are probably a few of them who haven’t painted much in their life. Our artists are extremely helpful and provide some easy-to-follow instructions to ensure that every single member of your team produces a beautiful painting. 


Even though some of them may have more experience, they may still learn some new techniques from our workshops. All in all, Art&Wine Barcelona creates a beautiful experience for all team members by helping each other and learning new skills. 


Our parties are unique

Times are changing and so are your colleagues, so in order to keep them engaged and excited it’s best to invite them to a modern and unique teambuilding activity in Barcelona. Our Art&wine sessions provide your team with the perfect combination of quality time, delicious wine & skills training. 


Rather than taking your colleagues to a boring, traditional event, keep it modern and unique. As long as there is wine involved, your colleagues should be happy enough, but the moment they finish their painting – we’re sure that they will be amazed. 



Leave the planning to us!


One of the most daunting parts of a teambuilding event is the organization, but don’t worry – we’re here to do just that! The Art&Wine BCN team will provide you with the materials, the venue, and the wine, all you need to do is turn up and choose your painting! 


So leave the hard part to us and we guarantee to provide you and your team with a memorable evening, lasting memories, and beautiful paintings that you can each hang proudly on your wall at home.  


Feeling persuaded to book your next team building activity in Barcelona with us? Get in touch today. As we mentioned, we are always up to suggestions and we are happy to tailor our parties to meet you and your colleagues’ needs. 

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