Art, Pouring & Fluor

Ready for a special workshop? Come to Art&Wine and discover the best of the worlds of Fluor and Pouring. You will create abstract art with fluorescent paints in an experience of lights and shadows . A new way to let your creativity fly.

Pouring Painting Technique

Pouring is an abstract art technique that is characterized by creating rivers of paint on a canvas. The color spreads all over the surface in a completely random way, creating unique and dynamic shapes.

For 1 hour and a half you will create a fully customizable and colorful painting, while enjoying unlimited wine, good music and company.

Art&Pouringthe best experience to overcome the fear of painting and exploit your creativity, where all the canvases have great results.

Art&Fluor technique

This is the Art and Fluor concept! Through the use of fluorescent paints you will live an experience between lights and shadows as this way you will be able to paint a picture that looks in the dark.
We will give you all the material you need to make the composition and our teachers will guide you so that your painting ends up being a masterpiece. You will enjoy with your friends, family or partner with a good wine and background music to have a good time.

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