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"Blue Moon"

Paint and Wine Studio Barcelona

A night landscape full of light with the moon in the background. Immerse yourself to paint in a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere while creating your own interpretation of nature.

"Ride the Wave"

Feel the intensity of the sea and surf the big wave in a completely idyllic landscape.


Enjoy an eternal sunset. It will transport you to your most beautiful memories with the sunset. Is it in Formentera or the Maldives? You choose the destination.


Travel through this wonderful African safari bringing out your wild side. The silence of the baobab will take you away from the hustle and bustle.

"Rising Sun"


The rising sun will fill your work with light, while the branches of the trees dance happily in the breeze of the wind.


Paint and Wine Studio Barcelona

The freedom expressed by this naked body evokes femininity and the empowerment of human bodies. Each body is different and beautiful in its own way.


Move away from established forms to create new elements full of life of your own. Interpret your reality as you perceive it.


The flapping of butterfly wings can cause earthquakes in another part of the world. Create your own creative earthquake by painting this picture.

"Enjoy the view"

It creates a beautiful picture of the Barcelona skyline, full of color and with the most emblematic monuments of the city.


Bring out your most flamenco origins and let yourself be enveloped by the art of the most heartfelt dance. Enjoy and ¡olé!


Feel like a fish (or dolphin) in the water as you surf the waves with a movie sunset. The friendliest animal in the world is waiting for your portrait.


Refresh yourself with the most citrusy painting in our collection. Be it oranges or lemons, squeeze your creativity and savor the final result.


Paint and Wine Studio Barcelona
Transport yourself to the city of love by painting the most emblematic monument in France, and in the world. Add all the lights that characterize it so much.

"Show your Best Side"

Dare to bring out your most creative side while letting your imagination run wild. Just let yourself be carried away by what your soul expresses.

"Fresh as a Daisy"

The freshness of this painting will go beyond your canvas and will envelop any environment where it is displayed. Let your creativity flourish without limits.


Birdsong will resonate throughout the painting. Let yourself be hypnotized by the small details of nature.



If you are one of those people who don't like plants for a short time, this is the best excuse to give your work a life of its own!
Give a fresh and vital touch to your room with this dreamy monstera.

"Autumn Vibes"

Reminisce an eternal autumn with the most characteristic colors of the season. Yellows, oranges and reds will decorate your canvas and convey calm and serenity.


Paint and Wine Studio Barcelona
One of our star paintings. Raiza evokes elegance, freedom and a whole horizon of possibilities. Let yourself be carried away by its insinuating and classy silhouette.

"Make me a snowman."

painting and wine

Do you remember when you were little and you waited for Christmas with all the illusion of the world? Now you can immortalize this memory forever by giving life to this beautiful snowman.


booking calendar Stockholm

Move to the Finnish highlands to welcome the cold any day of the year.

"Love Tree"

Paint and Wine Studio Barcelona
The most romantic picture. Immortalize this beautiful print with your partner, friends or family. You can even paint it as a diptych and create a beautiful print to share with your partner.


Paint and Wine Studio Barcelona
For dog lovers, this is the perfect picture. Learn how to portray an image of the most faithful animal. Adapt the colors and shapes to paint your doggy friend.

"Fly me to the Moon"

Fly me to the Moon

Teleport yourself anywhere whenever you look out of this airplane window. With the moon in the background, it's a landscape you'll never forget.


The most famous watches in the world interpreted by you. Surrealism in its purest form.


A painting full of movement where dance becomes the main protagonist. Art and dance, the best cocktail.


He paints one of our most mysterious paintings. A creature feared but beautiful in its entirety. Its realism will frighten and attract you at the same time.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Remember this beautiful experience while you decorate your favorite room with this bottle of wine. You decide whether white or red, but it's sure to be unlimited.



Imagine sliding down a giant cup overflowing with hot chocolate: the pleasure is served. A figure opens its arms ready to dive into a caramel river.

"All eyes on me"

All eyes on me

The colors tell stories while the gaze emerges, vibrant and deep, as an act of revealing the inner world in each brushstroke.

"The reflection"

The reflection

In this work the harmony of the sunset is revealed. The sky is tinged with warm and golden tones while the reflection of the tree extends into the sea. A mirror of golden dreams.

"The reflection of love"

Reflection of love

They say that dogs are man's best friend, and in this painting their bright colors reflect the joy and love that connect us to them. You can paint your great friend and make every brushstroke a memory.

"Floral Harmony".

Floral harmony

In the picture a splendid lavender field with lilac and pink tones that bring spring is displayed. In the center, on a wooden bench there is a personal and special object, what would be yours?

"Under the sea"

Immerse yourself in deep water while painting a seabed. Turquoise tones will dominate the currents of your painting.

"The Lion King"

The Lion King

The wildest picture awaits you. The deep gaze of the majestic lion melts in orange tones that reflect the sunset, where he silently roars his jungle reign.

"Starry night"

Van Gogh

Under a blanket of midnight, "The starry night" dazzles. The sky, a whirlwind of blues dancing with golden stars. The beauty of the night overflows in each stroke.



Bring out your feline side by painting this beautiful painting. An intelligent and cunning animal that will be reflected on your canvas forever.

"Gold Sailing"

Gold Sailing with Live Music

Sail with this painting full of light thanks to the specks of gold and silver that illuminate this wonderful sailboat on summer days. A completely innovative technique that will keep you focused throughout the experience.



One of the most beautiful views of Barcelona, with the sunset in the background and the Sagrada Familia illuminating the landscape.



The strokes delineate a metamorphosis creating shapes and harmony between the human and the wild. Tiger or leopard? The choice is yours.


"Sant Jordi"

A painting to celebrate the patron saint of Catalonia and International Book Day. A red rose emerges strongly, evoking love, culture and tradition.

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Because a picture is worth a thousand words. 

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