Art & Special Editions

Art and Wine is a living movement, because we are more than art and wine, we are an experience that fills you and makes you realize what you are capable of.

Special editions

The special editions of Art and Wine can be in different places, stay tuned to the calendar to know them! Every new place we collaborate with fills us with enthusiasm because it is synonymous of trust towards our work, which we simply love. But, here are some of the charming places we have been to, you can't miss the next one!

  • House of Les Punxes
  • Segura De Viudas Winery
  • Les Glories Shopping Center
  • And many more!

Just so you know, we are working on a section where we want you to know all these collaborations, because there are many. Both in Barcelona and in Madrid, because in Art and Wine we are movement.

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