Geneva Wall Mural - Work in Progress

In 2018, Jean was commissioned to paint a full-size mural of a wall in a bar in Geneva, Switzerland. The idea behind this complex artwork is to recreate famous scenes with familiar faces, representing different facets of love. You can see more about this exciting project by clicking read more.

Critical Thinking

Jean received another commission in 2018 to paint the portrait of a well-known politician in his home country, Lebanon. A progressive and analytical politician, always willing to make changes and offer support in different projects. Jean wanted to make sure to capture his essence in the portrait, so he worked using a photo he took of him as a reference while the politician was receiving various proposals from different people.


Jean painted this very personal piece in 2017, as a reflection of the mask we wear at the beginning of any relationship, and the search for intimacy to be able to free ourselves from that mask and really connect with the loved one.


This 2017 work combines two of Jean's favorite things: strawberries and chocolate! She was happily working with a bunch of these treats until she was able to capture the exact moment she wanted to recreate as a painting.



Having lived by the sea most of his life, the great power of the ocean and the mysteries of this force of nature have always been a source of inspiration. With this work he wanted to depict the raw beauty of a wave in a storm, captivating and terrifying in equal parts in all its splendor. The beauty and strength of Mother Nature have inspired many of his works of art.

The Night is Ours

This work was inspired by Jean's crazy nights in the adopted city. I wanted to reflect the vibrant heart of Barcelona at night. Going for a quick drink and ending up coming back home when the sun comes up, having made new friends from all corners of the world, and feeling like the king of the world. That moment when the rhythm of the music continues to resonate in your body, and there is no yesterday or tomorrow, only the here and now.

Feline Eye

It was inevitable that one of Jean's paintings would be centered on a cat. He is a great cat lover and has spent most of his life with a feline friend in his home. He has always been fascinated by their independent spirit and the relationship they have with their "owners", because is there really such a thing as a cat with an owner?


Another of Jean's works demonstrating his connection with nature through art. This time he wanted to depict the fragile and ephemeral essence of a childhood memory, blowing a dandelion, along with the vivid image of a beautiful butterfly that landed in front of him, flapping its delicate wings under the morning sun. A fleeting glimpse of nature's perfection.

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